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- Modify Your Plan -
Making changes to stock plans

Examples of Alterations

Sometimes you find a plan that is almost perfect to meet your needs, but just not quite.
If only you could make a room a little bit bigger or smaller.
Maybe one of our plans has a room you don't need or one that you do.
Often times, we find people mix and match, and find part of a house they like,
and part of another house, and perhaps another. We can combine them!
After finding some plans that are close, often a few modifications can make it just right.
You simply explain what you want, and we modify the plan making any
changes you wish to our stock plans to create the perfect version for you.

Kitchen modification scenarios

Both of these Kitches are based off of the same plan!

Perry House Plans - Options
Plan 6119R1 Plan 6119R5
This Kitchen is enclosed, has an Island, and a Corner Pantry. Here we have an Open Island design with a Walk-in-Pantry under the stairs.

Both of these Master Baths are based on the same plan!

Perry House Plans - Options
Plan 6100R40 Plan 6100R15
This Master Bath has a Walk-in-Pantry. This Master Bath's closet is wider than deeper.
Other than the closet, both have the same features with the Doorless-Shower and Double Sinks.
However, it comes down to the closet and the vanity layout modifcations.

Both of these Master Baths are based on the same plan!

Perry House Plans - Options with versions
Plan 6157-46 Plan 6157-45
This plan has no porch offset, includes a dormer, and a bit of craftsman styling. This plan has an elevated porch entry, no dormer, and a more traditional design styling.
Both of these plans are based of the same plan as well. In fact, these are both different version of the same plan.
This is an example how if you find a plan you like the inside but not the outside, you should fear not, as we can change it to what ever you like!

This page will be updated in the coming future as we present more examples of various types of modifications that can be done to a house to personalize it for you. But for now, we want you to know that just about anything you can imagine, we would be able to make the change for you if you would like to have that done. Although sometimes, if you have already found a builder that you trust or know well, you can have them do the changes to the plan themselves by doing what in the industry is commonly called "Red Lining" a plan. And that process is basically purchasing one of our plans as a stock plan, so that you only have to pay the basic price for the plan. Then you would meet with your builder and they would unroll the plans and take a look at the measurements, spans, headers, and other information, and then usually use a red pen to draw the changes onto the plan. Often times however, this is done in such a fashion as to not change an offset of the house, so that little thought has to be even put into worrying about the change. Although if there is what we call a footprint change, you will want to tripple check all changes before breaking ground if you use a red lined version where an offset changes at a point where a roof pitch or slope changes, or other factors, just to make sure that there are no conflicts in later stages of the house. Obviously, if you did have concern with this, you could request that we make the changes for you to the plan, and this way, all the math and structural elements that need to be re-considered get some thought put into them.