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Origins of Perry House Plans

The origins of Perry House Plans began in 1959, and has continued for 3 generations to be on the cutting edge of home design. When it comes to construction in general, we at Perry House Plans can do it all! From inception to construction, Bill Perry and his team of professional designers will see to it that the vision of your dream house becomes a reality. We can design, build, and even re-model nearly all structures residential or commercial. Whether you are the cost efficient consumer or one with expensive tastes we can design the perfect home at any level to suit all of your needs. If you do not see what you are looking for on our website, give us a call or come into our office where we have an even larger selection of prints to choose from. We guarantee that we will either find or create the perfect plan just for you!

Reasons people choose Perry House Plans

There are many reasons why people have chosen Perry House Plans time, and time again over the decades. Besides feature and design style being a core aspect of all of the homes that we create, there are other factors to consider. One of the major themes that builders and people seeking a new home find with Perry House Plans, is the cost to build savings you gain in our designs. As an example, every time you add a corner you increase the building costs, and this is one of the things we always consider when designing a new plan. Mentally we work our way through the home, room by room, making sure that storage, clearance, design, and efficiency are all considered with each step. That being said, we do like to use 45 degree angles sparingly to keep cost down, but to accent a room or elevation when permitted. Although if you want more added to any of our plans, we would be happy to redesign a plan any way you see fit. And in closing, some of the feature designs found at Perry House Plans are signature level. Such as the Australian Closet, for example, was pioneered in the Oklahoma area decades ago after the owner went to visit Australia and was exposed to the concept, and brought it back to the United States to be reincorporated into modern American home designs as well.


Style, design, layout, and cost efficiency are all things featured in our plans, and if these things are important to you,
then Perry House Plans is really the place where House Design meets Home Design.