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Let us help you design the perfect home for you!

Unsure what to do, Perry House Plans can help you
(Searching for Plans can be hard work)

Have you tried looking for a house plan and just can't find the perfect plan?

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That is where Perry House Plans comes in.

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(High Quality Designs created just for you!)

Our team can help make suggestions as well to help you maxamize the potential of your new home.

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(Let us tackle your difficult lot scenarios)

Perhaps you have already selected a lot, but are having difficulty finding a house to fit it?

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(Working hand in hand with you)

Let's work together to custom design a house to utilitze your lot to the fullest
as well as take advantage of any views on the it.

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If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about customizing a house plan on our website, please click the Contact Us link or button above to get started. If you are close to our Oklahoma City or Peublo Colorado office, we would love to have you stop by our office and meet with us in person. But if you live remotely, that isn't a problem at all. We can work with you through the internet, each step of the way as we create the plan of your dreams from scratch. We are very flexible with our options to serve you, and will work with you either in person at our office, through live chats on our website, via email transatactions combined with voice phone calls. What ever method works best for you, works best for us! We aim to serve and please, give us a shot!

Do you have an idea for a plan designed in your head, and you just have not found a plan online anywhere that is close enough to meet your needs? Maybe you even have part or all of a plan concept drawn up in a program, or sketched out onto plain or graph paper? Even if you have not made it that far with your idea, we would be happy to meet with your at the office and review your idea and give you a free estimate of laying out and designing your plan idea would cost. Perhaps you live too far from our offices, this isn't a problem either, as we can work through the internet with you to manifest your dream home every step of the way in the design process.

In closing, we thank you for taking the time to review our site and house plans. We understand that a house is one of the most expensive purchases you will make in your life. As well as, its a very personalized experience living in one, and often after living in a house for a while, new ideas of convenience and design layouts become evident with each passing day. We want to work with you to think through each room and make sure you aren't just happy with your new home, but in love with the way it turned out!